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Currently not available

Jukebox Remote for iPhone and iPod touch

.With this App for free you have a WLAN remote Control for the Jukebox of Audio-CD-Archiv v7 on your PC.

Skip to the next song, change the sound volume, create new playlists by shaking your iPhone. Load your favourite Top 50 with only one click (touch).

You can still use Jukebox Remote, if your PC is located in another room or on your next garden party! This is a spectacular gag on each party!



Jukebox Remote is a self-explaining app, but in the moment only available in German language. English language will come soon. To make the usage more comfortable, here is a small translation to English language of the most important features:

In the tab [Netzwerk] - [Network] enter the IP-address of the computer, where Audio-CD-Archiv v7 is installed. It's also possible to enter the computer name, but the IP-address is preferred.

The tab [Zufall] - [Shuffle] contains the following settings:
Shaking will make a new shuffle playlist (on/off)
Number of tracks for a new shuffle playlist (10/20/50/75/100/150/200/250)
Select tracks from:
- All music files
- Not listened for a longer time
- Not listened yet
- Listened very rarely
- Rarely listened
- Frequently listened
- Listened very often
- Not rated
- Rated with min. 1 star
- Rated with min. 2 stars
- Rated with min. 3 stars
- Rated with min. 4 stars
- Rated with min. 5 stars