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Bucharchiv v3

Please note
The product Bucharchiv is currently limited in its functionality! Due to changes in usage policies of certain Amazon services that are being referenced within the product, the functionality related to those services is currently limited. We are committed to find a solution to this problem, but cannot give any estimates regarding the necessary timeframe to resolve the issue. Please avoid to contact our support team concerning the aforementioned issue!

Book-management for your computer

. Manage your book collection comfortable on your computer. Select the desired book from different Internet databases – high resolution cover picture inclusive – simply by entering title, author and publisher or by scanning the barcode EAN / ISBN. EBooks in the formats ePub, iBook and PDF can be managed and read also.

The most important features are: full text search, grouped list-view, and assignment of filters, categories, print, online-reviews and quotations, lend/borrow and designable screen.

. . Take advantage of the architecture, security, speed and reliability of Microsoft SQL Server within Bucharchiv v3.

Experience and enjoy the high availability of your data by synchronizing multiple PCs in your network. Your data on your mobile PC (laptop, netbook, Ultrabook or tablet) are available even when you are traveling and there is no connection to your network. You have your data always available. Changes you make are automatically synchronized later when these devices are reconnected to your network.

With only one click, you add books from new releases and popular books to your catalog.


. With the views as a bookshelf, as Cover Flow, as more fully detailed view or a classic list, you can customize in addition the color design of the screen.

With eBook Reader you can read your PDF-, ePub- and iBook-books easily on your PC. The search finds on request text within the books.

As of Professional edition you can enable guest access, and your friends can view your database with a read-only access and copy individual books in their own database.
In addition, you can create an exchange file and import it on another PC to replace individual books with your friends, for example, by e-mail or a USB stick.

. In Edition Enterprise there is in addition the lend system and contact manager, where you can import your contacts from an Excel-file or Outlook.

Bucharchiv finally makes it possible to manage your personal library comfortable on the PC. By accessing the extensive Internet database within seconds you find the desired book.

Just enter title, author or publisher or scan EAN / ISBN number with your barcode scanner and you get the results, including high-resolution pictures of the books. Alternatively, you can integrate your own book cover as a graphic. Thus, Bucharchiv is an excellent tool for research of book titles.

You can search specifically for audio books, paperbacks, magazines, special books, sheet music, etc. Then, apply the corresponding books into your personal database and all important information such as title, author, publisher, cover, ISBN, etc. are added automatically. The description of content is directly loaded and can be edited and formatted belated by you.


. Have you collected your books once in your personal database, the powerful full-text search will help you rummaging through your collection of books. You can list your books in various ways of grouping, e.g. alphabetically, by author, publisher, year, personal rating etc.

You can assign different properties (read, novel, nonfiction, recommended) to each book, which serve as the basis for the filter function. These properties list is defined by you to suit your own requirements. Further features of Bucharchiv are the division into categories and sub-categories, printing of single books or book-lists, download online reviews or write your own, enter quotations, integrated backup module and a lend system which always gives you overview of lent books.

The attractive and modern screen design can be customized to your own liking. Updates within this major version are free of charge for registered users.

Overview about all editions of Bucharchiv v3:

Standard Professional Enterprise
Basic management of books
Yes Yes Yes
Simple management of lent and borrowed books
Yes Yes Yes
Access to online-databases
Yes Yes Yes
Access to online-databases of international books
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
eBook reader with support of mouse- and touch-gestures
Yes Yes Yes
Export in different file formats
Yes Yes Yes
Automatic synchronization with other PCs
Yes Yes Yes
Manual synchronization
Yes Yes Yes
Local database can be used in the network (synchronization)
Yes Yes Yes
Creating multiple users with a password
No Yes Yes
Sharing the database with guest access (read-only)
No Yes Yes
Copy books as guest from host computer
No Yes Yes
Create and load Bucharchiv exchange-file
No Yes Yes
Common database access on the network
No No Yes
Contact management and advanced lend system
No No Yes
Create and print membership ID-cards
No No Yes
Print receipt of lent books
No No Yes
License is valid for:
1 PC 3 PCs 3 PCs,

.System requirements:
Pentium or Athlon, 1.8GHz, 2 GB Ram
Operating system: Windows 8 (32 or 64 Bit), Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit)
Graphic resolution: min. 1280x800, Netbooks are not fully supported


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