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RealTimeBackup v3

The easiest way to back up your personal files.

. RealTimeBackup v3 backs up your files continuously, whether on an internal hard drive, another external hard drive, a USB flash drive or in your local network.

RealTimeBackup v3 backs up your data as a copy to another drive so that your personal files, such as vacation photos, etc. are not lost when you change your computer, your computer gets broken by a hardware failure or you accidentally delete files. Then you can get these files back from the backup.

Once set up, RealTimeBackup v3 backs up all your personal data continuously and you need to worry about anything. Whether you change, add or delete files, changes of any kind are taken into account.

What and how often you want to backup, is specified in a backup set by yourself. And with predefined backup sets you have RealTimeBackup v3 set up in no time.


. RealTimeBackup v3 can save your files in cyclic intervals automatically or immediately to an external drive or USB flash drive / copy after it has been connected. After successful backup, it may be ejected directly again (safely remove hardware).

Furthermore RealTimeBackup v3 also supports turning on and off computers on the local network as well as BitLocker-encrypted drives.

RealTimeBackup v3 can run in the background. The backups are performed on their own.

How often or in which intervals the backup shall be performed is freely adjustable: after certain intervals (e.g. every 15 minutes, every 3 hours) or at certain times daily (up to twelve different times per day), weekly (up to seven days in each case one time) or monthly (up to four times, e.g. every 3rd Tuesday at 2:35 p.m.).

You can keep the backed up filed the same as the original filed or you can back up the files in a timeline. The modified files will not be replaced in the backup file by copies, but the files are saved with a timestamp. So you have the option to fall back on older versions of these files.

RealTimeBackup v3 also includes a remote control. All computers that are connected to the Internet, on which RealTimeBackup v3 is installed and backup sets are available, can be monitored and controlled via remote control. It doesn’t matter whether the computers are located in a local network or not, deciding factors are the remote access login information. And these you get free to your license.

RealTimeBackup v3 is able to use the maximum performance of the existing connections: full SATA3 (6G)-speed, full USB-3-speed and also your 1 GB network is utilized to the maximum. This means that even large amounts of data are backed up in a very short time.

If you already have the previous version, backup sets from Version 2 can of course be imported.

.System requirements:
Computer with min. 2 GHz, 4 GB RAM
Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.
32-bit operating systems are not supported!
Internet connection


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