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Wartungsplaner v6

Software for maintenance, inspection and servicing based on DIN EN ISO 9001!

.Preventive servicing and maintenance is the basis for undisturbed and perfect working of your machinery. Coordinate all maintenance works with Wartungsplaner, no matter if there are exact intervals, fixed timetables or certain hours of operation. To get the certification after ISO 9001 you need a documentation of your machinery which you get with Wartungsplaner.


.Wartungsplaner is offered in four different Editions. LAN and multiuser are supported ex Standard-Edition. All data from Wartungsplaner v5 can be imported, so you don't need to enter them again.

You can switch the language of this multilingual software between English and German within the usage of Wartungsplaner irrespective of the installed language.


.List all your machines, cars, devices, systems and departments (these names are selectable!) in Wartungsplaner clearly arranged and well-structured like an image of reality. Furthermore you can use self-defined header data as much as you want. Assign different header data to different machines, devices or departments. So you get a real individual database. Apply external files like data-sheets, drawings to the corresponding machine or maintenance.

Already while entering all machine data you can copy identical machines or maintenances. You only need to change specific data – the amount of work is minimized!


.Apply as much maintenances as you want to each machine. The next due-day of all maintenances will be calculated and displayed automatically based on the general information of the maintenance interval (fixed, by time table, by calendar weeks or operating hours). Additionally you can assign multiple persons as maintenance personnel and apply external instructions (Word- or RTF-files) and other files. It's also possible to export the entire machine database into Excel-format.

Life cycle records of machines will be created automatically after performing a malfunction. Combines with the archive, containing all regular maintenances, you get a total overview of machine-costs and malfunction-sensitivity.


.The extended material management helps you to have always enough material on stock for performing maintenances. You can print requisition note for your purchasing department if the quantity is below target. Similar or comparable material can be indicated.

Record all your malfunctions with a status (unsettled, in process, done) and priority (high, normal, low) independent of your database and create a corresponding repair-order.


.The document management is a stand-alone tool. If you save documents in Wartungsplaner v6, you can look at them without searching in document files e.g. documents of machines, invoices, contracts, certificates etx. Many Word- and Excel-files as well as pictures and PDF-files are supported.


.Our customer experiences with Wartungsplaner are adopted into this new version. These new ideas were relevant for the development and so we made a complete work for every kind of company.

The software is usable for small business as well as company groups. The operational field of Wartungsplaner is really different and not limited to manufacturing industries but also usable for e.g. shipping companies, agrarian, hospitals, hotels etc. Because of the clear user surface, the setting-in period is reduced to the minimum.

For further information don't hesitate to contact us via E-Mail and tell us your questions. You can download the demo version for free directly from our homepage (see the link below).


Wartungsplaner v6 Editions at a look:

Lite Standard Professional Enterprise
Basic functions for certification according to DIN 9001ff
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Machine-database, archive and life cycle
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Due, commissioned and one-time maintenances
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintenances by interval, time table, calendar weeks
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database-Import of Wartungsplaner v5
No Yes Yes Yes
Different, custom header data
No Yes Yes Yes
Advances planning
No Yes Yes Yes
Management and assignment of maintenance personnel
No Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
User manager and password protection
No Yes Yes Yes
Save database on SQL Server or local file
No No Yes Yes
Malfunction module
No No Yes Yes
Material management and assigning to maintenances
No No Yes Yes
Schedule and notes
No No Yes Yes
Advanced document management
No No Yes Yes
Automatic generating of HTML-overview-files
No No Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes
Automatic import of stock of materials and counter readings
No No No Yes
Analysis of personnel, material and machines
No No No Yes
Analysis of machine-downtimes
No No No Yes
Free selectable SQL Server database name
No No No Yes
Multi-client capability (additional add-in)
No No No Yes

Overview of new features of Wartungsplaner v6 (compared to previous version 5):

SQL Server
  Use an SQL Server for storing your database and make use of all SQL-Server-advantages.
Software available as 32-Bit and 64-Bit-Version
  The advantages of 64-Bit-technology were totally implemented.
Intelligent surface
  Automatic optimization and adaption of very large / very small display resolutions. All program areas are viewable at a look.
Improvement of use…
  …because of significant increase of speed and reduction of access times.
  Assign machines to groups independent of departments.
Document management
  If you save documents in Wartungsplaner v6, you can look at them without searching in document files e.g. documents of machines, invoices, contracts, certificates etc. Many Word- and Excel-file-formats as well as pictures and PDF-files are supported.
Import counter readings from Text-/Excel-files or automatic import by time table
  Operating hours / mileage and stock of material can be imported from files or automatically by the Wartungsplaner-Service without running Wartungsplaner.
Manual time recording
  Now it’s possible to record counter readings / operating hours exact to the minute, all records are displayed as time line.
Daily maintenances…
  …can be managed separately in a special area.
Advanced maintenance intervals
  In addition to maintenance interval and maintenance time table you can also determine intervals by calendar weeks and “after X operating hours / km or not later than Y days / months / years etc.”
One maintenance is part of another maintenance
  Maintenances can be combined with each other. Make one ‘large’ maintenance made of several already existing ‘small’ maintenances.
Shift work
  Choose a preferred shift for performing a maintenance.
Assign forms
  You can determine a specific form to a special maintenance. The maintenance work order always will be printed based on this form.
Compulsory report
  If a report of a performed maintenance is forceful needed, you can assign a template for a compulsory report to this maintenance.
Additional reminder for a maintenance
  If you have to consider in advance for something special for performing a maintenance work (e.g. order material), you can set up an additional reminder to this maintenance.
Maintenances – multiple assignments
  It’s possible to assign to each maintenance multiple persons as maintenance personnel and multiple documents.
Material – comparison- and similarity-lists
  Material can be similar or comparable to other material. Print corresponding lists to find very quickly an alternative material.
Assign pictures to malfunctions
  A picture is worth a thousand words. In addition to the description of a malfunction, you can now assign pictures.
Unsettled malfunctions…
  …can be listed now within due maintenances.
Contacts, Appointments and Notes…
  …can be directly imported from Outlook.
Alternative Names
  The list of alternative names for “department / machine / operating hours” was expanded once more.
Free text fields…
  …are available for archive, life cycle and finalizing maintenances.
Quick search and find
  In all areas many search fields are available.
The future...
  Wartungsplaner v6 is ready for future technology!


System requirements:
Pentium or Athlon, 1.8GHz, 2 GB Ram
Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Graphic resolution: 1280x800, Netbooks are not fully supported

Wartungsplaner v6 can be licensed by working stations or user.
The number of licenses for working stations dependes on the number of computer, the quantity of users is unlimited.
The user license depends on the number of users. In this case, Wartungsplaner can be installed on an unlimited number of computer.
If you use remote desktop services or Terminal server, the user license is the only possible license model.
Please ask us so that we can give you an offer special for your company with the best prices.


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Änderungen und Verbesserungen bei den kostenlosen Updates (Changelog, Versionsverlauf)

Version 6.00.769, 12. May 2016

  • Problem fixed: the language file could not be loaded on a Spanish Windows-system.
  • Problem fixed: a user with „read-only“-rights was able to move machines into another department.
  • Problem fixed: it could come to an error message, if opening a machine list within a machine-group and there are machines included whose departments were deleted the database could not be reorganized before.
  • Double-clicking in the column headers on the column separator now allows the optimal column width and no longer opens the first entry.
  • Problem fixed: a user may only create new malfunction and after selecting the maintenance personnel, the malfunction could not be saved.
  • Problem fixed: a user could find and edit a machine about the search, although this has been moved to a department that is locked for him.
  • Problem fixed: under certain circumstances, the department name of a finished malfunction was shown wrongly in the detailed information of life cycle.
  • Problem fixed: under certain circumstances, attached files to a malfunction were not applied on creating the life cycle entry.
  • Problem fixed: on creating a new one-time maintenance the department and machine of the previous maintenance was proposed.
  • Problem fixed: under certain circumstances, Microsoft Word files could not be imported, if they are saved with Office 2013/2016 before.
  • Problem fixed: after starting the software on Citrix systems, there was a very high system utilization for several minutes.
  • Each department can now be assigned to a folder.
  • Problem fixed: on opening a life cycle entry again, maybe the quantity of material was shown incorrectly, if the quantity has decimals.
  • Problem fixed: maybe the wrong number of maintenances was displayed, if a user with restricted access rights was assigned once to a foreign maintenance.
  • Problem fixed: in the search results of the machine database, it was possible to change the machine sequence.
  • If a malfunction is „finished” and assigned to a machine, the following message about creating a new life cycle entry afterwards is removed. Now the new life cycle entry is opened with the specifications.
  • Are fixed templates associated to several maintenances for printing the work orders and machine are selected using the same template, this is displayed in the preview.
  • On creating a new life cycle entry, the time is by default pre-selected.
  • Acceleration of finalizing maintenances, which are associated with many entries of manual time recording.
  • Problem fixed: in unstable WiFi connections, blank entries in the database could arise.
  • Problem fixed: the filter in the archive and life cycle were not reset automatically when accessing the archive or life cycle entries by using the context menu of machine database multiple times.
  • Problem fixed: if the required write permissions in Active Directory and / or SQL Server were not available, this could lead to prolonged CPU utilization.
  • Problem fixed: is a user blocked for a department, this department has been deleted on another computer and the database could not be reorganized clean, this led to an error in the user manager.
  • Problem fixed: some mail server refused to send e-mails when a comma (,) appears in the full name.
  • When selecting a machine (eg. malfunctions / life cycle), the header data can be viewed directly now.
  • Optimize memory and CPU load management and optimization on Windows 10.
  • Many other enhancements.

Version 6.00.761, 17. September 2015

  • Added Croatian language
  • Added Ukrainian language.
  • Problem fixed, that under certain conditions the activated department locks shows wrong results.
  • Use single contact as template for a new contact (duplicating).
  • With SQL-Server as data source, complex/extensive locks/authorizations are possible (Hint: SQL-Server Express is free of charge. You can download it from Microsoft).

Version 6.00.757, 11. August 2015

  • Fixed an issue in the workaround of slow/bad network connections or file-based databases that when finalizing a malfunction the new life cycle entry was wrong created.
  • Further adjustments and improvements to the infrastructure of Windows 10.

Version 6.00.745, 23. July 2015

  • Adjustments for running with Windows 10.
  • For each user the access to non-defined departments can be denied.
  • In the user manager it’s now possible to make the setting for each user if the user is allowed to enter free text within the fields of department and machine in the categories “Malfunction” and “One-time maintenance”.
  • When adding a new malfunction or one-time maintenance with free text in the fields department and machine these both fields are required.
  • In the overview and navigation pane the number of due maintenances and unsettled malfunctions, if they shall be displayed in the due maintenances, are shown as sum.
  • When changing the category the filter settings of the lists still remain.
  • Searching in “Due maintenances”, “Commissioned maintenances” and “Malfunctions” includes the machine-header.
  • Searching in machine-database for a machine includes searching in the barcode.
  • In the “Due maintenances” and “Commissioned maintenances” it’s now possible to open linked files to maintenance and machine directly from the context menu.
  • After copying a machine or maintenance the word “copy” will be shown in the name of the copy.
  • The setting for “overdue” and “calculate in advance” is now possible between 2 and 120 days.
  • Complete revision of the notes: In the preview the whole note is displayed in plain text and each note has a title bar, in which the last change is displayed with date / time and user.
  • To prevent the overflowing of a file-based database, an emergency stop has been integrated. You will be informed in time to transfer to a SQL server. This is necessary in order to avoid undefined errors and loss of data.
  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, the sum of the total required time was not shown in the personnel evaluation.
  • Fixed an issue that a department with an empty name was created.
  • Fixed an issue that when creating a new department the tree structure has lost the focus.
  • Fixed an issue that when finalizing a malfunction and creating a new life cycle entry, the attached files were lost.
  • And further improvements and optimizations…

Version 6.00.741, 20. December 2014

  • Added Hungarian language.
  • Fixed problem with large data sets and slow network connection while users are able to see overdue maintenances which did not belong to their field of work.
  • Fixed problem when using a Microsoft SQL Server 2005, additional information could not be adequately stored for a shift due maintenance.
  • Fixed a problem where the assigned material was not copied when copying machines and / or maintenance.
  • Fixed a problem in the Status brief display the wrong number could be displayed on overdue maintenance.
  • No maintenances of machines out of service are displayed any longer in the planning.
  • If the maintenance personnel is changed once for a due maintenance, this changing is automatically drawn into commissioned maintenances and further into the archive.
  • In the overview of the archive and life cycle the note can be displayed as a column and exported to Excel.
  • Update the Office compatibility. Support for Microsoft Office 2003-2013.
  • Accelerated startup behavior under Remote Desktop Services and Terminal Server.
  • Reduction of memory requirements in continuous operation.
  • Fixed issue that material and personnel could disappear from Life Cycle entries if you have edited entries later.
  • Fixed problem after importing or creating new a maintenance instruction the formula bar had no focus.
  • Speed up quick backup.
  • And further improvements and optimizations…

Version 6.00.729, 04. August 2014

  • Ampersand (&) is now accepted in the password.
  • In the archive and life cycle the instruction texts are now displayed in the detailed information on the right.
  • File links in the maintenances can now be opened via the context menu in "Due maintenances" and "Commissioned".
  • The machine database and documents will open now in the last used area.
  • It's now possible to add multiple files at once to one machine.
  • In the life cycle the column "Commissioned by" can be displayed which has the same meaning as "Malfunction reported by".
  • Instructions for troubleshooting malfunctions will be overtaken as a proposal into the formular of a new life cycle entry.
  • In the options within "License" the available and used number of licenses are displayed.
  • Wartungsplaner-User which are not allowed to see material, won't get material alarm any more.
  • The falsely appearing error message at logoff, that not all services could be started has been solved.
  • In the options can now be preset, wheather new and unsettled malfunctions are to be listed as standard in Due maintenances.
  • And further improvements and optimizations…

Version 6.00.713, 17. Dezember 2013

  • Czech language added.
  • Before commissioning a due maintenance, you can once assign another maintenance personnel.
  • Regular maintenances will become due on preset working days.
  • Already used maintenance instructions can be opened later out of archive and life cycle.
  • The field „Type“ can now be displayed in the list of the life cycle.
  • Finished malfunctions can later transferred into the life cycle.
  • On printing an entry of the archive or life cycle, the note is also printed.
  • In the Analysis are listed now the „total needed times“ and „downtime”.
  • The writing rights for changing the machine name can individually be assigned or restricted for each user of Wartungsplaner, the rights for changing header data remain unaffected.
  • On editing the machine groups in the machines header data the combo-box stay open until you have finished your entries.
  • User of Wartungsplaner with read-only rights can see and open the linked files of a machine.
  • The search in the contacts is also searching in the notes.
  • Improved energy management, which is faster ready for use after wake up from standby or hibernate.
  • In the document management it’s now possible to add several files at once by multi-selection.
  • Improved data transmission while using SQL-server.
  • The maximum used RAM can now be self-defined.
  • Referring to the configuration of the companies (internal) mail-server, E-Mails can be sent without any additional information to username and password.
  • On adding a new document or note it is now preset „visible and editable for all“.
  • On the overview page you get a hint, if the automatic backups could not be created because the Windows user rights are too much restricted.
  • Problem solved: on switching from „commissioned maintenances” or “due maintenance” to the corresponding machine it couldn’t be opened directly if the machine group was opened.
  • Problem solved: the sorting and list of departments wasn’t saved under certain circumstances.
  • Problem solved that a Wartungsplaner user with read-only rights was able to add, delete or change the machine picture under certain circumstances.
  • Problem solved that Wartungsplaner hangs in and endless loop under certain circumstances, if the personnel analysis was opened.
  • Problem solved: on finalizing a maintenance work order, after adding an additional report and confirmation with “Next”, it was impossible to add another additional report on the next maintenance work order.
  • Problem solved that on selecting a machine the renaming of a department caused wrong results.
  • Problem solved that after adding/importing a maintenance instruction to a maintenance work order, this instruction couldn’t be printed immediately.
  • Problem solved that after creating a new one-time maintenance by the context menu, this one-time maintenance was listed for a short time within the regular maintenances.
  • Problem solved, that it was sometimes impossible to leave the document management if a PDF-file is opened.
  • Problem solved that after adding a new appointment it was not possible to change the times until it was refreshed.
  • Improved compatibility with current systems like Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.
  • And many more optimizations and improvements…

Version 6.00.709, 23. Mai 2013

  • Improved handling of Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Server).
  • An installed client-capability module does not require administrator rights any longer and at startup the desired database can be selected.
  • Edit maintenance: in the material list are now displayed the columns supplier, purchase order number and storage location.
  • Contacts: in the detailed view are displayed street and city.
  • For the e-mail configuration it is no longer necessary from Wartungsplaner to specify username and password.
  • Possibility to carry out a testing speed under production conditions.
  • Furthermore small bug fixed and performance optimizations.

Version 6.00.705, 29. Januar 2013

  • Bug fixed, which could appear under certain circumstances during Export.
  • Bug fixed in search for material within a maintenance work which could cause a crash in certain circumstances.
  • Bug fixed, which could appear on deleting a maintenance work if the machine was selected by a group of machines.
  • Bug fixed: On commissioning maintenance work orders the output was selected as sending by E-Mail with attached PDF-files, the CC- and BCC-copy was not always sent.
  • Big fixed: If the group of machines should be exported as colums within machines Export, the group of machines was not exported.
  • On creating a disturbance to a machine within the machine database, the company's name isn't displayed any longer in the departements-structure.
  • In the HTML Export all lists are restricted to 1,000 entries to avoid overtretching the capacity of Clients and the network area.
  • Add a button in the ribbon bar to log off more easier.
  • Adjustments to Windows 8.
  • Furthermore small bug fixed and performance optimizations.

Version 6.00.693, 28. August 2012

  • New: French language pack is available.
  • Bug fixed, which could appear under certain circumstances in the life cycle if the automatic log off is active.
  • If in an instruction file multiple paragraph changes are available, it could happen that a maintenance order was not printed.
  • Bug fixed on adding a malfunction to a machine which is/was not part of the machine database, it was not possible to create a life cycle entry afterwards.
  • In the machine database it now possible to search for maintenances.
  • Bug fixed: Pop-up windows changed their position and size after opening again.
  • Bug fixed: under certain circumstances the name of the departments within the malfunctions were shown with our without company-name.
  • Bug fixed which could occur under certain circumstances in the life cycle on switching from one entry to another entry.
  • New: in archive and life cycle you can show/hide the column cost location.
  • Bug fixed: if a template was assigned to a one-time maintenance, the template could be defeated on commissioning.
  • Bug fixed: if a due date should be changed within the list of due maintenances and the pop-up window was opened with a right mouse click, the window closed automatically on clicking in the field 'reason'.
  • New: maintenances, based on manual time recording, are no longer marked as due by scaling-up in advance, but only when the maintenance interval is actually exceeded.
  • New: in combination with the add-in mandatory-client capability the last used connections per computer, independent of the logged in user, were stored and can be selected directly.
  • New: all following updates in the future can be installed automatically on each single working station without additional user intervention and without that the logged in user has to have Windows administration rights.
  • Furthermore more bug fixes, optimations and adjustments.

Version 6.00.689, 29. Mai 2012

  • Improved display, if the text size for easier readability was set up to 125% in the Windows control panel (does not apply for Windows XP).
  • The automatic log off could cause a crash if Wartungsplaner was minimized.
  • After automatic log off and log in again Wartungsplaner will switch to the last used area.
  • Commissioned maintenances will be color highlighted if they are overdue.
  • Bug fixed, which selected a wrong template in the preview of due maintenances.
  • Barcodes now can include a dot (.).
  • The automatic or manual import or machine counterreading or material stock can be done by the name or barcode.
  • Custom column widths are saved separately for each list view.
  • Bug fixed: selecting with the shift key could also select faded out entries under certain circumstances.
  • Bug fixed: on finalizing daily maintenances, sometimes it was difficult to set the hook for the single days.
  • Many more bug fixed and performance optimizations.

Version 6.00.685, 26. April 2012

  • On finalizing with activated filters entries could be delayed.
  • Quick serial printing of repair work orders may cause a program crash.
  • Renaming machines in the list may not refreshes the header data.
  • Many more performance optimizations.

Version 6.00.677, 19. March 2012

  • Documents: Previews of Excel-files are refreshed after editing.
  • Bug fixed: incorrect diplay after moving a machine.
  • To each maintenance it's now possible to link to a PDF-file as maintenance instruction.
  • Bug fixed: in the navigation bar were shown wrong quantities under certain conditions.
  • New malfunctions can be printed directly.
  • Many more bug fixed, updates and optimizations.

Version 6.00.673, 20. February 2012

  • Filter by group of material, stock location or supplier now available.
  • Downtime of machine can be shown in Archive and Life cycle.
  • Daily maintenances consider the settings of working days.
  • Consecutive ID is shown in the details of an Archive or Life cycle entry.
  • Bug fixed: Under specific circumstances the personnel was not shown in lists.
  • Bug fixed: Error on finalizing in very slow or working to full capacity networks.
  • Bug fixed: Arithmetic error under specific circumstances of system settings of Locale and Keyboard.
  • Bug fixed: Error after creating a department or machine, if the network was wortking to full capacity.
  • Abnomal endings of GDI+ graphic system in Windows XP can be identified now and will not end Wartungsplaner any longer.
  • Upgrade: Support of SQL Server 2012 is implemented.
  • Update: Accelerating program start.
  • Update: The license code only needs to be entered on one working station and will be shared with all other working stations which access to the same database.
  • Update: Activation doesn't need Administration rights any longer.
  • Many more bug fixes and Updates.

Version 6.00.669, 16. December 2011

  • Bug fixed in Machine Export with activated filters.
  • In archive and life cycle you can select a date range for filtering the list.
  • New settings for user rights: Independet of the personnel filter you can make the setting, that a user can see all archive- and life cycle records.
  • Bug fixed when a user is able to add a new life cycle record but restricted in modifying or deleting records.
  • Custom default templates are not replaced after an update.
  • Bug fixed: The field misc. costs is not restricted anymore.
  • In the archive-details the counter reader "performed" and "last performed" are displayed.
  • Optimizing memory on displaying very large lists.
  • Increasing performance by activation of memory above 4 GB (if available) and optimized usage of "Intel Turbo Boost" (if available).

Version 6.00.665, 28. November 2011

  • Barcode (QR-Code or Code 128) can be created, inserted or saved to machines and material.
  • Cost location is listed within analysis.
  • Within analysis: switch to machine, material or personnel with double clicking an entry.
  • Custom filters are loaded totally.
  • Assigned pictures can be rotated.Machine-groups are listed in the maschine-Export correctly.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 6.00.661, 19. October 2011

  • Direct scan of document to machines
  • Lite-Edition starts now correctly
  • Bug fixes

Version 6.00.657, 14. October 2011

  • Bug fixes

Version 6.00.653, 13. October 2011

  • Release of Wartungsplaner v6

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     ●   Rhodius Mineralquellen, Burgbrohl
     ●   Rübezahl Schokoladen, Dettingen-Teck
     ●   RÜMA Feinkost, Hagen
     ●   Schäfer's Brot- u. Kuchen Spezialiäten, Porta Westfalica
     ●   Schenker Deutschland, Hannover
     ●   Schirm GmbH, Schönebeck
     ●   Schwäbische Wurst-Spezialitäten, Bad Friedrichshall
     ●   Siemens AG, Nürnberg
     ●   Siemens Building Technologies, Berlin
     ●   Stiftung Zürcher Blutspendedienst SRK, CH-Schlieren
     ●   Swisslog, CH-Buchs
     ●   Trilux, Arnsberg
     ●   Trox, Neukirchen-Vlyn
     ●   Warstein Achsen, Büren
     ●   Zentralschlachthof, CH-Hinwil
     ●   ZF Luftfahrttechnik, Calden
     ●   ZIMBO Fleich- u. Wurstwaren, Börger
     ●   Zwieback- u. Keksfabrik, Neuenhaus